White Airways

OMNI Aviation Training Center (OATC) is the Official Airline Pilot and Cabin Crew provider of White Airways.
White Airways is part of the OMNI Aviation Group and is licensed and certified according to the international regulations for the air transport of passengers and cargo.
Operating in ACMI/Wet lease and Aircraft Management markets, and with a fleet of ATR 72, Airbus A320, Boeing 737 Boeing 777, White Airways is available to fly all over the world all year round.

OMNI Executive Aviation

OMNI Aviation Training Center (OATC) is the Official Airline Pilot and Cabin Crew provider of OMNI Executive Aviation.
Founded in 1988, OMNI Executive Aviation is a global player in the aviation industry, offering a wide range of services and flexible solutions.
With its vast resources, quality and operational efficiency, the company has rapidly expanded its scope over the years, having extensive expertise specially in Charter Flights, Air Ambulance and Aircraft Management.
OMNI Executive Aviation offers custom tailored services, with aircraft ranging from the comfortable Learjet 40/45 with 6 and 8 seats, up to the luxurious Falcon 900B with 14 seats.

Atlântica - Instituto Universitário

Atlântica is a Private Education Institution recognized for an accurate teaching in areas as Health, Engineering, Management and TIC (Information and communication technologies), with a wide range of training courses (including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as postgraduate and executive training).Atlântica provides a high quality education and specialized training according to the companies reality, in order to increase the employability of trainees.In partnership with the OATC, Atlântica provides a double degree in the following areas:

– Aeronautical Engineering (using the facilities of Atlântica) and an Integrated Airline Pilot Course (using the OATC facilities).

– Air Transport Management (using the facilities of Atlântica) and an Integrated Airline Pilot Course (using the OATC facilities).

Flight Sim Service

Flight Sim Service, established in May 2015 and which faithfully reproduced the cockpit of a very modern Airbus A320-214 airliner powered by flybywire, it opens to the public in March 2018. The device is rented by students and airline pilots to prepare for interviews and checks. Flight Sim Service has purchased hardware and equipment from leading international companies and collaborate with leading experts in the aerospace sector.

Azores Aeronautical Training Center

The Azores Aeronautical Training Center, operated by SATA GROUP, allows trainees (individuals and external entities) to use its facilities for training activities.

This Academy has fully equipped classrooms, learning stations, various simulators and aeronautical equipment, which allow you to simulate the practice of real flights, as well as reactions to emergency situations, rescue operations and firefighting.

Universidade Católica de Braga

Within the scope of this important partnership, the Cabin Crew Course is taught at the facilities of the Universidade Católica (Braga).

Bombeiros Voluntários de S. Pedro de Sintra

This partnership allows trainees of the Cabin Crew Course to use their facilities for training in the context of first aid, firefighting and practical scenarios and simulation of reactions to emergency situations, rescue operations as well as safety procedures (evac, fire drill, water drill).

Escola de Comércio de Lisboa

As part of this important partnership, the Cabin Crew Course can be taught at the premises of the Lisbon School of Commerce, after-work hours.


Talenter™ – It is a group of companies whose ambition is to build a future of employment opportunities, ensuring a balance between the needs of companies and the ambitions of people. It is based on this philosophy that Talenter supports people and companies with solutions such as Recruitment & Selection, among many others.

APTCA – Associação Portuguesa de Tripulantes de Cabine

Since 1984, APTCA has positioned itself as a reference association aimed at representing the professional class of Cabin Crew, who are spread across the most diverse corners of the world serving the most diverse aviation companies.

Nova Etapa

In-person and distance professional training company in e-learning format. With 30 years of experience in the market and more than 100,000 people trained, Nova Está offers a catalog with more than 400 training courses in various areas.