Airline Pilot Integrated Course - ATPL

The Airline Pilot Integrated Course aims to develop among the Students all the essential technical skills, in order to start their career as Professional Pilots.

Cabin Crew Course

OMNI Aviation Training Center (OATC) till now produced about 3000 graduates filling the global demand for the cabin crew initial training Course. 88% of our Students are flying with the best Airline Companies around the World.

Instrument Rating Modular Course

The OATC modular IR (A) course aims to qualify pilots with the required proficiency level to operate airplanes under IFR and in IMC conditions. This will be one of the first necessary steps to transition from a private license to a commercial license.

Flight Instructor Course

The Flight Instructor Course is aimed to Pilots who want to develop their professional skills in the flight instruction area.

ATO Transfer
Airline Pilot Integrated Course

Are you unhappy with your current school or just would like to finish your training with OMNI?

Type Rating

OATC’s Type Rating specialization aims to qualify pilots with the level of proficiency necessary to operate ATR72, A320 aircraft. B737 and B777.

PBN Course – Performance Based Navigation

The aim of the PBN course is to provide suitable candidates with the relevant theoretical knowledge and practical training to enable them to fly in accordance with Performance-based Navigation procedures and have PBN privileges endorsed with their instrument rating (IR). The course includes ground and synthetic flight instruction.

Advanced UPRT Course

The Advanced UPRT course aims to understand how to cope with the physiological and psychological aspects of dynamic upsets in aeroplanes and to develop the necessary competence and resilience to be able to apply appropriate recovery techniques during upsets.

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

The OATC’s Multi Crew Cooperation course aims to qualify pilots with the level of proficiency needed to fly aeroplanes as a team, improving their coordination, communication and joint decision-making skills in a shared cockpit environment. This will be one of the last steps towards obtaining the commercial licence.

Revalidations and Renewals

Is it time for your check flight?
OATC carries out revalidations and renewals of SEP, MEP, FI, Type Rating (A320, B737 and ATR42/72) and FI and TRI refresher seminars.

Flight Operations Officer Course

This Course is aimed to all Students who intend to professionally enter in Civil Aviation as Flight Operations Officers.